” haxorhax…that’s a dumb name “


Yeah probably. So why the name? Comes from geek speak leet “h4x0r” which refers to an amateur hacker (haxor). That’s a good description of the modding process. With zero product support and/or the manufacturer long out of business, retrofitting older hardware with modern day enhancements can prove to be challenging. Wires all over the place, breadboards, old analog test equipment…standing back and looking at it, just a bit hacky.

Re: me

I have been dabbling in hardware and software for my entire adult life, and that, coupled with a love for music has brought me down this path. Throughout the years I have had owned many types of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines from all the various manufacturers. Turns out that if you hold onto gear long enough, it will degrade or even fail completely – the very definition of vintage. The joy of keeping that crap alive is when all the fun begins, and I have seen a lot of oddball things come across my workbench. If you like properly functioning gear, learning how to properly troubleshoot and get really good with a soldering iron become super important.


My intent of this website is to share and archive information that I have collected over the years with the community. If the manufacturer is no longer around, I will try to re-link every datasheet and schematic that I can get my mitts on. Websites around today might not be here tomorrow – and archive.org can only do so much. It is getting more difficult to find complete information for cross-referencing replacement parts. I will try to focus on the more obscure fixes that I have encountered myself and not replicate information that is already widely available.


If I decide to release a product, I will only do so for limited runs when it makes sense. I have no intention to keep the manufacturing aspect rolling forever. So if you see something in the store, it could be the last production run. One more thing, it is just a single person behind the scenes, and this is not my full time gig. I will try to respond as quickly as possible, and when that is not good enough it may ruffle a few feathers. Please be patient and I will do my best.