E-MU Sysex Archival

Decided to post the sysex for the E-MU expansions so it’s not lost for eternity if all ROMs spontaneously combust at the same time. The following archives are provided as a convenience to provide the sysex data needed to restore your presets if the ROM preset area ever gets corrupted.

In a very specific case, Rob Papen has two versions of his Techno ROM in circulation. If you have the older one, its now a simple upload of the new presets and arpeggiators into your user flash.

If you happen to notice differences on variations of other ROMs that you have, please reach out. I would like to capture the information for the community.

Command Station Sysex Dumps

Here is a comprehensive dump of all the sysex presets (and arps if available) for every known expansion.

NOTE: When converting from P2K/CS to A2K, riffs (and arps) need to be removed. Prodatum default will reassign the ROM id for AUDTY, but the riff (and arp) ROM ids will be removed.

Composer variants

Phatt variants

Extreme lead variants

ZR variants

Unique releases

Audity 2000 Sysex Dumps

Audity 2000 (A2K) sysex dumps for the AUDTY (5 banks) and XTREM (2 banks). Additionally providing a capture of the USER area (4 banks).

NOTE: When converting from A2K to P2K/CS, riffs (and arps) need to be added. Prodatum default will reassign the ROM id for XROM/XL-7, but the riff is hardcoded on conversion to 21 (0x15). Since these presets were precursors to the XLEAD/XROM/XL-7, you might find an exact riff to use on those ROMs (a dead giveaway is if the preset name matches, and other names are just slightly off). If someone has the time to remap these to XROM/XL-7 resources, please reach out.

Complete archive

All that and a bag of chips.