Korg Kronos Display

There are currently many vendors on aliexpress selling what appears to be the same display. To save you some guesswork, this is the vendor I used for this writeup: Korg Display Parts worked as advertised, but I had to massage it into the Kronos. Described below.

Display removed from M3 shows the display frame sits underneath the touch bezel. Originally my touch screen was broke, the reason being evident in the picture above (bottom right corner has crack).

This caught me off guard as I bought an all in one display and touch screen. Before I could install, I needed to carefully pry the touch screen from the LCD display with an x-acto knife. Once separated, I had to add some height to clear the sheet metal display frame.

Thick double sided tape works to provide clearance for touch panel.

Touch screen digitizer now provided clearance for display frame.