prodatum resurrected

*** NEW version created (v2.1.2) ***

Promising custom E-MU SIMMs is one thing, but the logistics of getting there is complicated. One of the decisions I have helped move this along was using prodatum for the effort of preset creation. There were work flow issues with how it saved off the data, as well as how it handled cross device sysex files. Well, I cracked open the source code and added some functions that will be needed to support the upcoming development. In short, you should be able to save the entire machine state in sysex with some newly added export / import capabilities.

Export / Import Capabilities:

  • Export one or many presets for any given rom or user banks
  • Import one or many presets into user banks (automatically handling the conversion between command station, proteus, and audity 2000)
  • Export one or many arp patterns for any given rom
  • Import one or many arp patterns into user arp pattern storage
  • Export current user setup
  • Import a specified user setup

I won’t go into them in detail, but I made a write-up on the wiki with all the features here:

Features Wiki

Portable builds (64bit – Win10, Linux, MacOS) available to download here:

prodatum Releases